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Are machines runing exchanges? PDF Print E-mail
Hedge fund manager Lex van Dam says computers have taken control of exchanges, as price moves are no longer determined by fundamentals.

Livingston eye community ownership PDF Print E-mail
Livingston want to become the latest Scottish football club to move towards being fully owned by their community.

Games ceremonies' costs rise by 49% PDF Print E-mail
The cost of the opening and closing ceremonies at this year's Commonwealth Games rises by almost half.

The Whole Foods way of engaging staff PDF Print E-mail
How can firms engage their employees? Whole Foods chief executive John Mackey explains how he motivates his staff.

Is flying car finally here? PDF Print E-mail
Ever since the early 1960s when we were glued to the animated sitcom "The Jetsons", whimsical visions of a futuristic space utopia filled our imaginations leaving people asking themselves: "Where's my flying car?"

UK and Europe: It's Nick versus Nigel PDF Print E-mail
This month, Britain's deputy prime minister squared up to the leader of the country's euroskeptic Independence Party to advocate the merits of his nation's membership of the EU.

Weetabix in talks over 'pay cut' PDF Print E-mail
Staff at cereal firm Weetabix are being consulted over possible cuts to pay and working hours, the BBC is told.

India votes: What you should know PDF Print E-mail
Peter Bergen and Ana Swanson say India's massive five-week election is dominated by economic concerns.

$1M superyacht: Tasteless or chic? PDF Print E-mail
Meet the Lamborghini supercar yacht. To her owner, she's a $1 million dream machine. To others, she's a monstrosity. You decide.

Europe's priciest restaurants PDF Print E-mail
You won't find financial crisis on the menu in these exclusive eateries, where the the food is rich and the diners richer.

Hyperloop vs. world's fastest trains PDF Print E-mail
Just how fast would the Hyperloop transportation system envisioned by entrepreneur Elon Musk have to be? Try more than twice as fast as the fastest commercial train in the world.

Human-powered helicopter takes off PDF Print E-mail
It doesn't sound like it should be that hard.

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